Duck Hunter Shoots Angel. So what’s with the Gator Head?

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April 3, 2012 in City

Photo: A story he can sink his teeth into

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For the rest of the story - you have to click your way over to the Spokesman-Review website. Hint: yes, there is a gator man in Duck Hunter Shoots Angel at Spokane Civic Theatre.

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From the Spokesman Review Features Desk

Our thanks to the The Spokesman-Review for this excerpt from their recent article summing up upcoming Spokane stage events.

September 8, 2011 in Features

From ‘Frankenstein’ to ‘Millie,’ stage is packed with promise

Spokane Civic Theatre – This is where you’ll find both of the aforementioned Gothic governesses, one from the pen of Henry James, the other from the pen of Charlotte Bronte.

But first, we’ll meet a vivacious ’20s flapper in the musical “Thoroughly Modern Millie” on the Main Stage, Sept. 23-Oct. 23.

You might remember Millie Dillmount from the 1967 movie. This is the musical version of her story, which became a 2002 Broadway hit. Expect a lot of toe-tapping songs and some big tap numbers. Kathie Doyle-Lipe and Greg Pschirrer direct.

That will be followed on the Main Stage by a new version of “A Christmas Carol,” Nov. 18-Dec. 18. You’ll see all of the great Dickens characters – and a few puppets, as well. Troy Nickerson directs.

Over in the Firth J. Chew Studio Theatre, Henry James’ literary ghost story “The Turn of the Screw” runs Oct. 21-Nov. 13. It has a two-person cast, with one actress playing the governess and another playing all of the other roles. Susan Hardie directs.

We’ll meet the other governess in the Civic’s annual musical-in-concert fundraiser, “Jane Eyre,” Oct. 28-29 on the Main Stage. This is the Paul Gordon musical that arrived on Broadway in 2000. Yvonne A.K. Johnson directs.

Overall, the Civic has been on an upswing in terms of both audience and quality. Johnson said season ticket sales exceed last year’s record pace.

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